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Recruitment of title: 中走丝师傅 Send
Recruitment: 中走丝师傅 Number of recruitment: 1 Release time: 2019-4-18
Recruitment requirements: 男性,有三年以上线切割工作经验,会用CAD、CAXA、ACTOP软件,责任心强,工作认真,服从安排。
Recruitment of title: 工模师傅 Send
Recruitment: 工模师傅 Number of recruitment: 3 Release time: 2019-4-18
Recruitment requirements: 男性,五年以上工作经验,对玩具模,机壳模,塑胶模熟悉。
Recruitment of title: EDM师傅 Send
Recruitment: EDM师傅 Number of recruitment: 2 Release time: 2019-4-18
Recruitment requirements: 男女不限、有三年以上塑胶模经验,能独立看图纸和操作,对台一机、倍速特机熟悉者优先。

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